The Canelé Nomade

Everywhere In The World®, registered trademark of Glosek Manufacture R&D, specializes in the packaging of The Canelé Nomade® in the form of small metal cans. The preservation process, developed within the Research & Development laboratory of Glosek Manufacture, guarantees a soft and tender canelé like at the exit of the oven.

The Canelé you can take everywhere and enjoy anywhere!

The Canelé Nomade® aims to accompany all lovers of life in their rendez-vous of adventures, conquests and explorations … in complete freedom for a complete pleasure! Aimed at adventurers and explorers of all kinds, it is a greedy canelé in generous format. The size of its small, easy-open canister allows you to carry it everywhere and enjoy it during a break or in the evening around the campfire.

First of a new brand of nomadic products you can take everywhere and eat anywhere, Le Canelé Nomade can easily fit in a pocket or in a bag, in the safety of its surprising miniature vintage looking can. Thanks to its easy opening, you’re a little click away from paradise. On a road-trip, on the beach, offshore or in the mountains, rambling or hiking, at home or half a globe away… Le Canelé Nomade will always be there, available and delicious.

* The Canelé Nomade is a registered and patented trademark